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"Youth," said Baron Pierre de Coubertin, "is the springtime of the body." Mens Sana in corpore sana in corpore sano - a healthy mind in a healthy body - has been the ideal of the good school in the centuries old Public School tradition as in the Vedic Indian tradition. Good health and an all-round intellectual, moral and academic education during school days are perhaps the most important assets a boy can have. For generations, Darjeeling has been renowned - not only in India but also in other Asian countries and in the West - as the unique hill resort where both good health and good education have been provided at St. Paul's School.

  • Online Admission open for Classes I to 9 for the session 2022-23 and for Class XI for the session 2021. Please contact at 9832481725 (Mr. Rajesh Pradhan, Secretary) or 9476159181 (Mr. K.R. Trivedi, Bursar) for further enquiry.
School System

School System

School System :: Prefects

Prefects The Prefectorial system is an essential feature of St. Paul's. It assists the Rector and his staff in maintaining discipline and is also a channel for communication between the staff and the boys. Senior boys showing suitable ... [+]

School System :: Houses

Houses The Senior Wing is divided into four houses named Clive, Hastings, Havelock and Lawrence. This division provides opportunities for more intimate organization and for healthy rivalry in sports and other activities between the Houses. ... [+]

School System :: Scholarships and Bursaries

Scholarships and Bursaries A limited number of scholarships are awarded annually to boys in the School who show exceptional academic merit or to deserving pupils whose parents are in genuine need of financial assistance. Details of scholarships ... [+]

School System :: School Dress

School Dress The School colours are maroon and blue. Clothes for everyday consist of a grey jersey and / or School blazer, grey flannel trousers, white shirt, house tie and black shoes. On Sunday and special occasions the Senior and Junior ... [+]

School System :: Night Outs

Night Outs Night Outs will be issued ONLY on the 1st and 2nd Saturday of the month. Requests for any other Saturday will not be entertained. Night Out will be granted on the basis of One per 1st and 2nd Term. Please note that the ... [+]

School System :: Exeats

Exeats Any boy wishing to visit parents, guardians, relations or friends, or to enter a cinema or restaurant, to go out for a meal or to stay away for the night, must be in possession of an exeat. These are issued by the Housemaster or the ... [+]